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Waterproof Mattress Protectors

For 25 years now Snugnights have been the UK's waterproof mattress protector specialists. If your mattress protector isn't waterproof then it's not really doing a very good job of protecting your mattress. Here is our best selling collection of 9 different waterproof mattress protectors.

If you just want the best waterproof mattress protector for use in your home then go straight to our our bestselling Allergon Dust Mite Proof Waterproof Mattress Protector. This is probably the most comfortable waterproof mattress protector currently available. It is available in two depths and in more than 20 mattress sizes.

We also have a budget waterproof mattress protector and a luxurious quilted waterproof mattress protector along with waterproof mattress protectors that completely encase the mattress and fasten with a zip.

We also have three types of zipped waterproof mattress covers that completely encase your mattress for complete protection.

A waterproof protector is essential for every bed in every home. Without one a mattress will very soon become marked and stained. Those brownish tidemarks seen on an old mattress are caused by perspration soaking through to the mattress over time. This not only looks unpleasant but it also leads to a build up of mould, fungus and bacteria. Once this has happened it cannot be cleaned and it soon starts to smell. Yet this is all completely avoidable.

The other issue is with dust mites. These microscopic creatures live anywhere where there is a build up of dust that cannot be easily cleaned. The most common place to find them is within our beds. This is because moisture and the tiny particles of skin that we shed at night accumlate deep inside. The dust mites feed of this and soon the colony can number in the hundreds of thousands. This can be solved by placing a barrier between you and them. Their food source then stops and they die off.

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