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Mattress Dimensions

07 July 2020


Mattress Dimensions

We are often asked about mattress dimensions. In the UK the majority of our mattresses our single. double, king and Superking, but there are also numerous variations in between. There is also some slight variations from one manufacturer to another. The depth of the mattress will also vary dependent on the style and price However lets look at the dimensions of the most popular mattress sizes.

Single Mattress Dimensions

The dimensions of a standard single mattress are 90cm wide and 190cm in length. It is possible to buy a narrower 75cm mattress in the same length but not many would want a mattress that narrow. If the mattress is for an adjustable bed or for a european manufactured mattress you may find that it is 200cm in length.

Double Mattress Dimensions.

The dimensions of a standard double mattress are from 135 to 140 cm in width and 190cm long. You can also buy a small double mattress that is the same length but only 120 cm wide.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

The dimensions of a standard king size mattress are 150 cm wide and 200cm in length

Superking Mattress Dimensions

The dimensions of a superking mattress are 180 cm wide and 200 cm in length