Incontinence Protection

There are many quoted statistics quoted regarding incontinence but the fact is that a huge number of people suffer from this problem. It is not only restricted to children who 'wet the bed' and our senior members of society that suffer as a result of age or illness. An interesting figure quoted is that 9% of all adult men in the UK suffer from some form of nightime incontinence so if you fit in to any of these groups then you are most certainly not alone. You can purchase Incontinence bed protection online to help you to cope with this problem.

To avoid staining and longer term bacterial and fungal issues everyone should fit a waterproof mattress protector or bed pad, you don't necessarily know if, or even when these circumstances might affect you.

The Snugnights range of incontinence protection comprises the following.

1. Snugnights Standard Mattress Protectors

This is our entry level waterproof mattress protector, it has a polyester/cotton terry upper surface with a waterproof pvc backing. It is held in place by stretch fitted sheet style sides. Machine Washable. Tumble Dry. Available as a single mattress protector, double mattress protector or king size mattress protector.

2. Snugnights Allergon Mattress Protectors

‘Allergon’ is the next step up from standard protector the difference being that the upper surface is a soft 100% cotton terry, the waterproof backing is polyurethane. Polyurethane is very light in weight and is breathable yet waterproof thus resulting in a waterproof mattress protector that is virtually undetectable in use. Once again it is held in place by stretch fitted sheet style sides. Machine Washable. Tumble dry. Allergon is available in a wide range of sizes beyond the usual single, double and king with 15 sizes to choose from including a 4ft mattress protector size and a super king size mattress protector.

3. Snugnights Allergon+ Mattress Protectors

‘Allergon+’ is the next up from ‘Allergon’ it has a similar construction of a cotton terry upper surface with a waterproof polyurethane backing. The difference is that it is waterproof on both of the sides as well as the upper surface. Useful if there is a risk of the sides of your mattress becoming wet. Machine Washable. Tumble dry.

4. Snugnights Total Enclosure Mattress Protectors

These total enclosure zip on covers are the ultimate in mattress protection. Place the mattress inside and zip it shut. Manufactured in a heavy duty textured pvc type material. Machine washable or wipe down

5. Snugnights Pillow Protectors

Waterproof pillow protectors prevent your pillow becoming damp. Zips on. Machine washable. Tumble dry. 100% cotton terry with waterproof polyurethane backing.

6. Snugnights Duvet Protectors

Manufactured from the same material as our ‘Allergon’ mattress protectors but fastened with a zip to completely protect your duvet. Machine washable. Tumble dry.

7. Snugnights & Kylie Bed Protection Pads

These pads have tuck in wings to keep them in position. The are multi layered to absorb and lock liquids in. Machine washable and tumble dry.

8. Snugnights Chair Pads

Manufactured in the same way as the Bed protection pads but in two sizes to fit an armchair or wheelchair/car seat.

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