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Covid Confident Bedding Recommendations for Hotels and Guest Houses

08 July 2020

As we move towards the relaxing of lockdown hotels and other accommodation providers need to consider every possible option that you can promote, to make potential guests feel comfortable and confident enough in your facilities, to be their preferred choice of accommodation.

Of course your location, your surroundings and your facilities are all part of the selection process when choosing a place to stay, but a place to stay is what they are looking for, somewhere to spend the night, in comfort, but it has to be both physically comfortable and mentally comfortable. In these worrying times your guests need to have confidence that the bed that they are sleeping in is hygienically clean, they don’t want to be worrying about who slept in it last and how well the bedding has been laundered since.

So let’s talk about ways to help instil that confidence. The two main factors relate to how long since the bed was last occupied and how well the bedding has been washed since it was last used.

So first of all once you reopen try to use your rooms in a rota system so that the most recently vacated is left the longest before it next gets used. Ideally leave a room unused for 24-48 hours between guests, and promote this fact. Maybe have a door hanger that’s says so. This room is guaranteed to have been unoccupied for at least 24 hours. We can source these if required.

Next comes the bedding on the bed. Standard cotton and polycotton sheets can generally only be washed at temperatures up to 40c. This is not high enough to kill bacteria, some can be washed at 60c, this is better but still not enough for customer confidence. Imagine if you could claim that your sheets and pillowcases have been washed at 90c to kill all bacteria, mould fungus and dust mites? Your potential guests could potentially choose you over a competitor on this fact alone.

However finding sheets and pillowcases that can be washed at 90c is very difficult in fact almost impossible until now.

Snugnights developed EcoSleep as a 2in1 complete sleep solution, consisting of a range of fitted sheets in all popular sizes, in a range of colours, with pillowcases to match. They can be machine washed at temperatures up to 90c, to kill bacteria, mould and fungus and tumble dried if need be. Again use this in your publicity and promotional material to help instil that customer confidence. Not only are you being seen to be doing something, but you are actually doing it.

EcoSleep also provides complete protection to your mattress as it is completely waterproof. The previous guests perspiration and other bodily fluids cannot pass through to the mattress below, so you can also get rid of any mattress protectors that you are currently using.

EcoSleep is also completely dust mite proof, so dust mites cannot live inside a mattress protected by EcoSleep and any guests with a dust mite related allergy can sleep well in your beds.

Importantly EcoSleep is also comfortable to sleep on. We first developed EcoSleep some years ago. We did so well before COVID-19 appeared and our staff and directors have all been using it on the beds in their own homes for more than a year now to be confident in its performance and comfort. However it makes total sense to use EcoSleep as part of your hygiene regime and to be proud of doing so and to let your potential guests know that you are doing everything possible to care for their health and welfare whilst they stay with you.

Contact us today for a bespoke quotation and get your order in early as demand is expected to be high. EcoSleep is only available from Snugnights and a limited number of our approved stockists.

EcoSleep can be seen here here EcoSleep 2in1 Fitted Sheet



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